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Design Tips
Keep clandles white and/or off white. The ambiance feels more organized and cozy.

Bookshelves are for books.Having many knick knacks displayed make a room feel disorganized.

When painting a wall, bring the ceiling color 1/2" down, with tape. It is easier to keep the ceiling and wall color straight.

For a soft and warm glow, keep the wattage to 65 watts, and add a variety of light sources, such as table and floor lamps, sconces, besides ceiling fixtures.

Avoid duplicate pieces of furniture.You don't need a pair of identical chairs or a set of end tables.Instead choose pieces that are unified by shape or color. It adds interest to the ambiance.

Curtains hanging close to the ceiling make your room feel more spatious and higher.

Avoid many small rugs around, they make the space smaller and cluttered. Have one rug with the appropriate size for that room or ambiance.

More tips coming soon!